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                  Mike and I would like to thank everyone for their heart warming condolences since Al's passing.

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J&A Body and Fender has the equipment and ability to perform aluminum repairs

 on the newer Ford F150s, and other aluminum bodied vehicles.

This equipment will allows us to remove dents as well as wield aluminum panels.




Wayne & Mike

   Thank you for doing such a great job fixing my Nissan Rouge!. I know its a late Thank You! but  every time I drive it  I think of you. I really appreciate your hard  work in putting it back together for me. Hope you enjoy the cookies!.

Jan Singleterry



   I've had more experience with this locally owned and family operated body shop then I'd like to admit.  The first time was with my Ford Escape. Mike and Wayne handled everything with my insurance and kept me up to date as they fixed my car.  When I picked it up I experienced the best customer service in Spokane.  Since then, I've had my Escape in there once more and most recently my Lexus SUV.  J&A continues to go above and beyond with their work.  My Lexus was not only looking brand new but they had cleaned it up an vacuumed it.  I have called on them first for advice about any auto problems and when my husband was returning from Afghanistan and I was trying to put his Pontiac back together for him ( his stereo had been stolen while it was in storage and his sunroof was badly damaged) Mike personally handled it so my combat vet returned to a decent car.  They continue to break stereotypes about auto repairers with good quality and honest work.  Even though I really don't want to have to do business with auto body repairs again, if it comes up I sincerely  look forward to doing business with J&A.



   I much appreciate all the hard work you guys have done on my car.  It really is a teenage boys dream come true. Not talking for my teenage boy but talking for me, because I was still a teenager the last time I drove it.

Thanks again! Tony Boggs


Dear Al, Mike, and Crew

   Just a note to let you know how very much we appreciate all the extra work to get the van fixed and back to us.            

Thanks; Mac and Susie


Dear J&A Body Shop

   We want to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for the excellent work you performed on our damaged Subaru. It was  the fine work you did on our car that prompted this letter. What really impressed us more than any other thing was the matter of your personal integrity. You are a terrific example of honesty and fairness. The manner in which you solved out the discrepancy certainly is a lesson for which XXXX Insurance can learn. They did not show much heart for the customer (Probably no more than $50.00 for a small heart). You are a wonderful example to represent the small business owner. I would be pleased to recommend any of my friends to you and I know you would be as fair with them as you were with us. I now remember why I have not used XXXX Insurance Company. This incident reminded me of the way I was treated before.

   We value business people like you who are dedicated to honesty, integrity and fairness. Once again we want you to know that if we ever have an occasion to recommend your services to our friends, family or business associates, we will be pleased with the opportunity. We are proud to know you. We are grateful to our son for encouraging us to ask for Allen, he will treat you right.

Sincerely, Ernie & Mary Wall


   I especially want to thank you for the beautiful job you did on repairing my car. It looks just like new, and I appreciate your careful, professional work and attention to every detail.

Thank you again very much, Elaine Barth


   Thank you so much for the great work on our Explorer!. I looks new again. Also thank you for finding and returning my wedding ring. Honesty seems like such a hard thing to come by anymore. All of our future auto body work will come to you.

Annie & Aaron Saye


  Recently, you repaired my 92 Taurus. I had rear ended a car and found out my car is made of toilet paper covered by paint. Anyway, you all did a beautiful, timely and thrifty work. I love my "new" car. I can't thank you enough. Everyone there was knowledgeable and also kind. Beautiful job!.

Janet White


   I can't thank you enough for helping me out with the "boot dent" in my car. That was a very kind thing to do. I hope that someday the good returns to you two-fold.

Barb Kruger


   Thank you so much for donating Shrine Circus tickets to the students of Stevens Elementary. We will make sure that the low income students are given this fun opportunity!. We appreciate you remembering the students at Stevens.

Mary Anne Stukart, Assistant Principle


 J&A Auto,

   Sometimes in live it's the little things that make a difference. Your gesture may have seemed small to you, but it truly meant a lot. Thank you for all the extra things that  you have done. It's been greatly appreciated.

Jim & Andrea Roe


Greetings from Seattle!

   My son and I entered the truck in our first car show last weekend in Issaquah. We didn't win anything but many people came up and made very flattering comments and asked "who did the body work". I dare say that some of them were close to drooling. Its to bad that I moved and I'm showing it over here instead of over there, it would generate a lot of business  of you. Yes, we did have you sign prominently displayed. One guy was real curious as to who did the interior also. The only reason we lost is because the winner in the "Best Truck" category was a souped up heavily modified trick truck for the 30's with lots of chrome, a huge engine, flames painted on the side, ect. Rest assured, serious truck lovers preferred ours.

   Several people asked me the name of the red color. When you have a time could you email that to me?. I believe its a standard Ford paint color but I cannot remember the name. Also, we managed to get a slight chip in the grille. We have a small bottle of red paint but none of the white. If you have time to pop a small bottle of white paint in the mail to me would appreciate it, my address is below.

   It was a surprise to me but my son really got into this whole car show thing. I thought he would be bored stiff with standing around there all day. He was constantly wiping down the truck, showing it off and answering questions. Needles to say by the end of the day he was real proud of it and can't wait to go to the next show. A picture of him next to it during the show is attached. He is already on me about making the engine compartment look as good as the rest of the truck.

   Guess what?. That is a 1960 grille on the front. I've been told that by a few guys both at the car show and over the internet. The 58 grille had a slightly different pattern and round not rectangular parking lights. Let me know I you ever see a 58 grille, it might be worth swapping them out.

   I hope all is well with you Wayne, and your dad. Please give me all my regards. Its to bad that you all where not here last weekend to hear all the fine compliments on your hard work.

Thanks, Bill



   Thanks for the great job on my Ford pickup. I want you to know, I sincerely appreciate you not installing the rear bumper reinforcement. Your honesty is commendable.

Big Thanks, Jim Johnson


To; J&A Body Shop

   The work you did on my Mercedes was great!. Also your honesty and prices are of competitive liking.



Dear Al, Mike, Wayne, & Staff

   I wish to convey my gratitude for the repairs to my badly injured Bronco. I am highly pleased with both the quality and precision of the work one to the car-indeed, I think that all of you are even greater perfectionists that myself!. From the day I brought it in for an estimate, I never felt that, from all of your perspectives, my old  89 Bronco was any less important or valuable, than a brand new Mercedes. I had a sense that upon completion it would look beautiful, and not surprisingly it does!.

   Additionally, your customer service is beyond reproach. My questions were answered patiently and thoroughly. At no point during the process did I feel "out of the loop". I knew what was being done to the car, and most importantly, why it was being done. In my experience, its not possible to make the above remarks about most other repair shops. I feel that I made a very fortunate and wise decision to brig the car to you look forward to J&A completing its restoration. Once again, thank you.

Kind regards, Kerry Bryan


Dear J&A Body Shop,

  I Brought my car into your shop last week to have the left front of the vehicle repaired aft a small accident I had on September 4th. I really just wanted to write this and thank you for the wonderful job you did with my car. I did not expect the job to be perfect, but you really did exceed my expectations and I am very grateful. My car looks so nice now and runs very smooth. While the car was messed up it made noise when driven. I just cannot tell you how much I appreciate the fine work you did and have no problem passing the good word along, along with the business cards from your shop that Wayne have me. You helped to turn a bad situation into a good outcome. My car actually looks better than it did before the accident as you pulled out t the small dent on the rear door also. Again thank you for your hard work.

Sincerely, Mike Etten


To: The Shelton Family


  You recently repaired both of my Buick autos that had sustained damage.  Both my wife and i are very pleased with the quality of the repairs. The blue Buicks back bumper had been previously repaired in your shop, and when I showed you the new damage you pointed out that the paint had peeled more then you expected, and that it would be repaired under warranty. I later learned that the company that had sold you the faulty bumper causing the excess damage refused to participate in the cost of the repair.  Irrespective, you repaired the bumper at no charge to me.

  I have told quite a few of my friends what you did for me and I hope such publicity will reward you in future business.

Thank you again:

WM. E Hennessey


Hi Mike and Wayne

   I really appreciate you both.  You've always been honest with me, done excellent work on my car and have been accommodating in every way. I like the way you do business and will continue to refer your shop to anyone I talk to who needs body work done on their car.





  Thank you for donating the Shrine Circus tickets to our school. We'll keep you posted on our kids experiences as I know the kids will want to write you letters.

Thanks again,

Heather Richardson, Principal     



   Wanted to say thank you for fixing my geo prism, u all are wonderful, and your dog too. Thank you again.


Denice and Jani








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